Dark Circles Under Eyes: Top 3 Home Made Remedies To Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles under eyes, When blood does not circulate under eyes appear dark circles under eyes.

Blood circulation is very important for skin and bright eyes. Dark circles is very common problem for men and women of different age groups.

Healthy diet and regular eyes exercise remove dark circles under eyes easily.

Dark circles make people tired unhealthy and older. You can get rid of dark circles under eyes using different home remedies.

These home remedies are not expensive like other chemical beauty products.

Top 3 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes In 7 Days

Now I am going to to share some easy home remedies for dark circles under eyes.

You can choose one remedy which is best for your skin.

Things that are used in these remedies are harmless and very useful for your skin.

These remedies will helpful to get rid of dark circles under eyes only in seven(7) days.

Dark Circles Under Eyes-3

1 – Cucumber Juice And Almond Oil:-

Take on glass bowl and add two(2) tablespoon of cucumber juice and two(2) tablespoon of almond oil.

Mix them well,

Now apply this mixture under your eyes with the help of cotton ball. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the early morning with normal water.

2 – Vaseline And Lemon Juice:-

Take two(2) tablespoon of vaseline and squeeze lemon juice in it.

Mix well,

Do this remedy on your dark circles for 3 days. After 3 days you will remove dark circles under your eyes easily.

3 – Baking Soda And Milk:-

This remedy is specially for those people who have extreme dark circle under the eyes.

Take two(2) tablespoon of baking soda and add milk in this mixture.

Make a thick paste and apply it on your dark circle under eyes for forty(40) minutes.

You repeat this remedy regularly three(3) days. You will get rid of dark circles under your eye by using these home remedies.

These remedies are very effective and all things are available easily.


If you will try these homemade remedies, I am sure that You the big change in your eyes and face.

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